Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection provides the peace of mind of knowing your security system will detect an intruder even before they have access to your home. It turns intruder detection into intrusion prevention.

External detection is a lot more challenging than conventional intruder systems, however. how stable and reliable will it be? How will it cope with animals or strong winds? How many false alarms will you get? These are all valid questions. With our design and installation of our perimeter beam detection system we will provide a system to give reliable detection and perform in the harsh outdoor environment.

One of the great benefits of the our External ranges is that they do a lot more than simply trigger alarms. They can also be used to trigger CCTV, lights and even to open gates. Added to this, by utilizing the APP home automation system, the external detector will provide added benefits such as letting the user know if someone is approaching the property.

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